Just when you thought poetry was boring, out comes a brand new book to set the record straight. Totally Random Poems For Kids is the ultimate rib tickler of poetry that is guaranteed to make you think. It doesn’t matter how old you are. There are some words on one of the pages, just aching to jump out and talk to you.

 The topics  include: acting ambitions (we all want to be famous don’t we?) , bullying, weather, Government and politics (Whatever factor), Monday mornings  (...5 more minutes?), local environment, Communications, social interaction (chatting and stuff), toys, mystical fantasy (boo!),  global and built environments (yeah yeah yeah) , technology, art of poetry writing, satire and sarcasm, media analysis (technical words for watching tv), growth and development in the early years (times when you were a toddler – how embarrassing!),  school routines , homework (but, but, but...), outback living, observation of nature, behaviour at home (Not fair factor!), identity, parody of classic nursery rhymes, roles of teachers, anxiety, promoting self-confidence, grandparents, marine life, cinema experiences (shhh!), playground antics (as if!), the senses, self-reflection, family pets, tween attitude, celebrations,  natural disasters, and many more.

Have you heard of these topics before? You were probably at your desk when the teacher asked you to write a response or answer questions, or connect with a narrator.

You will gain many rewards while reading these poems at your own pace.

·         You will see new things on an angle with a twist;

·         You will  see ideas on the page that you have always kept to yourself;

·         You may be bored during a poem and become surprised at the end;

·         You may imagine an idea that will trigger you to write your own poetry book.

(Wait for me to sell a few copies of my own book first!).


If you have been fishing for a new poetry book, don’t let this fish get away.

It is like the instruction booklet for surviving the joys and sorrows of life.

     Finally we have a brand new poetry book that we can all enjoy!

    A book of poetry from Australia for the world.

    If I didn’t write it, I’d probably buy it. Probably......