Hons ‘n’ Kaiser brew a piratical, musical yarn

Partying in 2020 is all about the music and friendship. Without these two components, there is no party. The Pirate Party Band have carefully constructed a bunch of hits that will make friends with you, as soon as your speakers start vibrating.  'An Explosive Barrel of Re-Recordings' By Pirate Party Band is set to nurture your need for profanity, zanity and insansity! Darren McErlain reports.

James T Kaiser and Cameron Hons have teamed up in the spirit of music to bring you a bunch of recordings that will simply sail into your lives, in order to change it. If Hons ‘n’ Kaiser was an Australian brew, the songs would be on tap in the pub like there was no tomorrow! It is the first album Cameron Hons played with a brand new Headrush Multi Effects Guitar Pedalboard. Only one duo in the Australian music industry can bring you a party anthem that will help you sail into the seas of musical existence.

The 'Introduction' to this album sets the scene to an amazing Album. The depth of sound effects and real instruments, will take your breath away. If you have ever been to a Dire Straits concert, this sound will pitch your emotions into the grooves of a very different Pirate Party. Mark Knophler is only a stone’s throw from joining in, the rendition is that close!

'Save the Weed' is the narrative of the album that tells the story. Never before does a box create so much suspense. The suspense that is often created in an online game can be heart jerking, and this song captures that feeling of the unknown. Whilst the language can be course and based on adult themes, it is very hard not crack a smile when the special terminology breaks through the instrumentals. The sense of pirate humour is welcomed by many around the world.

The hyped introduction in 'Mast Down and Woodless' of “Yeah” and “Woo” builds an opening that would make anyone buy a Pirate ship and sail the seven seas. The echoed vocals was a very clever strategy by the Pirate Party band to create the chaotic cruising on the desolate ocean. The 70s riff from the electric guitar never gets boring, and is great travelling music. if you hit the M7 Orbital in Sydney's West or the Atlantic ocean this track is the one to get you moving!

If pirates toured Australia with heavy metal bands 'Bonestorm' will be the first song in the set. The torsion or tension on the snare drum creates a sound that has never been created before. This unique style makes the track a one-of-a-kind from a musical perspective. If you listen carefully to the vocals, you could mistake Pee-Wee Herman from the 80s guest starring on the album, or a very good impersonator. The reference to his pants brings comedy into the realm of the pirate ship, with a great ice breaker for the crew from a workplace perspective. Creativity was born on this track with a capital C.

Pinocchio on 'Shrek' once said “I’m not a puppet, I’m a real boy”. This snapshot from the album is bound to be a real hit! 'I’m not a Skeleton I’m a Real boy' pulls at the puppetry heart strings to make you reach out, to help this skinless, shapeless character. Especially if the character features on an online game, and the Pirates aim to find a treasure! If there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, this track is pretty close to it. Worth a listen!

One big selling point for this Album are the instrumentals. You can hear the crash of the symbols, you can hear the sticks hit the rim of the snare, and the base drum aligns with your heart to make you want to hear more! Seriously.

In a musical age that bombards us with special effects, auto-tuned vocals and synthesisers, this is the album you want your grandchildren to be inspired by. It’s real and is ready for you to download as an album or one track at a time. Support Australian music, feed creativity and nurture the talent we have in our backyard. Hons ‘n’ Kaiser – a brew of music with a taste that goes above and beyond. Cheers boys! *glasses clink*

 Click on the link to buy the album: https://cameronhons.bandcamp.com/album/an-explosive-barrel-of-re-recordings or click on "Buy Album" below.