Vote 1: Cameron Hons promises a winning album

The NSW and Federal election are on the horizon, with many parties trying to get people thinking about issues in society. Little do we realise, that music does exactly the same thing.  Cameron Hons has elected to release another album, weeks before the State goes to the polls. Darren McErlain reviews his new Album.

Music can change the way we feel and the lyrics can inform us what to think. Whilst political parties are out trying to get the votes, the new Album ‘Are you Happy Now’ is certainly getting the ‘listens’. The new Album by Cameron Hons could get him elected straight to Cabinet as the Minister for Music - a first in any parliament!
Band members bring together a portfolio of skills to make the music work. Imagine if a band were elected to form a party, what would the music sound like? Cameron Hons said there would be too much political influence if the audience chose who would be in the band. “It would better for the band themselves to decide,” he said.
The track ‘Quit the band’ makes some great observations of how team work takes place in society. While a team goal is in place, the relationships can often break down for a variety of reasons. They can harmonise with instruments, but the personalities don’t always gel. The lyrics: “He’s gonna quit the band, ‘cause it’s me he can’t stand’ highlight the politics that can sometimes get in the way of a good band.
Many complaints often go through the local MP, but sometimes in society, people find it easier to chew the ear of the closest person. One song ‘You always complain’ sends a message home to all those who have taken advantage of the good listeners. Cameron was asked if his song has been played to the person who complained, as a way of using music to send a message to his electorate.
 “No, I haven't done that yet, although that's a very good idea, as it would show the people who complain a lot. They might understand how annoying their complaining can be,” laughed Cameron.
A recent policy suggested that students should receive a Digital Licence in school, and get a briefing of how to cope in the Digital World. This unintentionally coincided with the release of Cameron’s song ‘Break form the Digital World’ and he considered it perfect for Play School for Preschoolers. As the song suggests, “sometimes you need to just shut it off”.
I'd see it as a very educational fit, although the "Rob a bank" part should be kept, because nobody would expect it!” he remarked.
Cameron Hons said social media should be a strictly enforced platform, and had a very good mantra for how this can be used.
 “I would say no trolling, no depressing posts and people should mark their spoilers. If people do not do these things, they should be banned from social media forever. I love doing these oddly uplifting songs about terrible situations,” he said. 
The ‘Good old days’ has an incredible instrumental opening designed to set the mood for his message. Whether we are in an election campaign or we contemplating what society has to offer, it send a raw message to the listeners: stop, reflect, act. When we go to the beach or the shops, we see people looking at their phones instead of admiring the scenery or talking to each other. Cameron Hons uses this song to get his message across, and for people to get off their phones.
 Each Album purchase comes with a free graphic of the cover, which is an interesting marketing move by the Hons label.
 “People love the graphic for the new album. Most of the time my friend Elaine from America does the album cover art and I think people can do what they want with them - display them on their page, post it on their website, or even draw on it. I don't mind.”
 Reliability is often hard to come by when there is an election campaign. Claims and counterclaims are often disguised as promises. Cameron’s new Album features his favourite track called ‘Unreliable’ and he was questioned where the inspiration came from.
 “I know some people without naming names who are unreliable. Whether it is working on a film or if they said they'd come over to my place and then never did, that is very unreliable. At the end of the song I said "Work on it", he said.
 Cameron has a brand new offer on his website in a bid to win your vote to purchase his latest album.
 “For as little as $1 per month they can support my content and gain exclusive access to new and upcoming material. It's a new thing I'm trying out, so I think it would be fun, if I decide to continue it depending on how many people can get involved, ” he said.
Whether you paint, produce, draw or sing, the new album can only mean one thing. Name your price and grab some songs, have some fun, you can’t go wrong!
Name the price. Type in a fee for Cameron and you download the new album.