Hons' heartfelt tribute for Deep Purple People 

Inspiration for music comes from the first song and the last song of one’s deepest memory. Sometimes it can be about the hits and memories from everywhere in between. Cameron Hons has gone all-out to release his first tribute album on May 28 2020 that captures the inner-sanctum of Deep Purple; the band that has brought classics for the people who are passionate about the band. Classic Hits FM Newcastle’s Darren McErlain reviews the Hons snapshot album tribute of Deep Purple.

He’s back with the best of the best. ‘Smoke on the Water’ electric intro riff is enough to sends chills down your spine. Hons' version will bring you out of isolation and into the world of Deep Purple belting through your earbuds. If it melts purple lava through your speakers, the album producer cannot take legal responsibility for the impact on your listening pleasure. The vocals by Harris Stamos will encourage you to buy pretend tickets to a virtual concert that is too good to be true. A professional hit by Cameron Hons.

“It was a lot of fun doing these tracks in our own unique styles rather than doing a cut & paste covers album. It was a lot of fun because we managed to work on it all during the past four months in isolation and quarantine,” said Cameron. 

 You will discover ‘When a blind man cries’ is sung by Justin Patford and played through headphones, it is impossible for you to be disappointed. The underlying tracks of percussion add a gentle flow to this Deep Purple classic. Only this song could sail you off into the memory banks of what the band was all about. At the same time, the instrumentals add a gentle groove that makes you feel like you are holding the plectrum yourself. Strum along on your air guitar. You will be the pop icon in your own domain. Nicely produced by Cameron’s consortium of musical artists.

 “I had my friend Zadyd over recently to record and do the sound engineering with the drums for Never Before. All the songs sound great! The CD will be released on Digipak in June 2020 and I'll be sharing it through my BandCamp  Merchandise store, but the CD will be limited to 50 copies,” said Cameron. 

 ‘Space Truckin’ features the Pirate Party Band. The trademarked “Yeah” at the start of the track will tease you into a world of sailing a virtual oceanic vessel.  “Come on” vocals can be your ultimate motivational tape to get those procrastinated tasks completed. The conversational banter by the artists during the instrumental will bring you a laugh, and make you feel the performance is just for you. Never before in Australia’s history has “bam bam” been considered for inclusion in the Macquarie Dictionary as a guitar chord. It is a collection of notes used to represent the emotion of content and jubilation. Oxford should also consider “Arg”. A noun to end a song with a note of solitude that symbolises “The end” of the completed song. Deep Purple can only be too pleased!

 Cameron Hons said he got his inspiration during quarantine and isolation and being forced to stay home during COVID 19.

 “One day I was listening to the ReMachined A Tribute to Deep Purple album from 2012 that my friend Drew Thompson produced and thought wouldn't it be cool if I did my own Deep Purple tribute album like this with a group of my friends with our own personal touches,” he said. 

 It has been a while since we have been to a live pub gig. The COVID19 restrictions have been cruel for artists, but what about the poor music lovers- us? ‘Never Before’ Featuring Lucas Shady will make you feel you are in the mosh-pit of your local hotel on a Saturday night. Recorded in a way that makes the singer sound high on stage (in height kind of way), and the rim of the snare drum can be heard with a clatter like you have your arm around the drummer. You almost feel like you are responsible for tightening the chain on the snare drum. Your listening pleasure has been personalised to such a degree, that the performance is purely private – just for you. The sound engineer needs to be acknowledged for an award for re-creating this illusion, just when the Purple People need it most. Now.

Meeting famous artists over the years has encouraged Cameron Hons to build his online profile and produce great music.

 “I have met Glenn Hughes twice and he is a lovely man. He remembered me the second time I met him, which was awesome. He has signed a bunch of albums of mine too. I also met John Petrucci from Dream Theatre and Eric Stuart. They are nice people to name a few. I've also met the Wiggles in 2013, John and Paul Field (from the Cockroaches), Peter Combe and Murray Cook. They were all very nice,” said Cameron.

The second-last hit ‘Highway Star’ features Cameron Hons and his friends AEONIX, Justin Patford and Jason Meekins. It was so close to the original track, you will be tempted to buy the T-shirt to say you went to the concert. If 8-track machines were still used today, this song would be up there as the best produced song of the year. It has a 70’s feel but, so do many other tribute albums. Not this song! Hons deserves you be praised for the vocals by the back-up singers. The instrumental guitar is to die for, with a deadliest Dr Who theme right there. Grab a copy for your friend, and purchase one for yourself too. Grab a cold one and start sipping and tripping to the music that you have missed for decades.

 This is the best production in the history of bandcamp. Get with the other Deep Purple people, purchase the album today!

 You can purchase the ‘Deep Purple Tribute Album’ by Cameron Hons by clicking on the link. The CD released in June on Digipak can be found at cameronhons.bandcamp.com merchandise store. The CD will be limited to 50 copies. https://cameronhons.bandcamp.com/album/a-tribute-to-deep-purple