Mixing The Wrong Crowd pleasures right crowd

Two`s company and three`s a crowd: but what happens to be the wrong crowd? If you love Cameron Hons’ music, you just so happen to be in the right crowd! The launch of The Wrong Crowd album has been the biggest sensation since the Looney Tunes launched Bugs Bunny. When a new album is released by Cameron, you know it`s Hons season! Darren McErlain from Newy 87.8FM Newcastle reviews another compilation of music art that is getting tongues wagging and ears burning - in a good way.
Radio stations seem to play the same old songs in their playlist, and then they go back to the start playing the same old songs. How do bands and artists get new people to listen to their work a second time, if the radio won`t play it the first time? Cameron Hons has gone all out to encourage people to listen to his My Old Music track, which happens to be his new music! To avoid any confusion - It`s a new song!
Hons has expressed an interesting opinion about when radio stations repeat the playlist and he said it can be quite boring.  “Sometimes we hear a lot of ABC Classic FM play the same four songs different times a day, or maybe the same song every couple of days. I think some stations are not bothering due to the influences of physical media and streaming,” he said.
Cameron Hons has been recording albums since 2004 and he has noticed a trend with his listeners over the last two decades. “Most of my classic fans like my new music, some of my old school fans prefer my old music, while my critics hate my new music because it's good, and that enrages them,” he said.
The lyrics in My Old Music: “They don`t like my new stuff in any other way,” is a very clever way to redirect the market to have a listen. The use of one song to advertise the next few songs shows Hons is on the money, when he simply uses his own resources at his fingertips.
Consumerism and the purchase of tangible items can be measured on all economies of scale, but the invisible thought process is yet to be investigated by the thought police. Cameron has raised some great points about society and culture in his new track -  You Can`t buy a brain. Whilst governments, media and business make big decisions on our behalf, it seems sectors of society are still working towards any form of coherency. 
Brain power is something that needs to develop, and as long as audiences don`t expose themselves to new music, they will forever be listening to the slogan “hot hits and favourites.” The artists are sometimes no longer on the earth to enjoy the financial rewards! Hons has created a great song about commercialisation and how people need to start thinking for themselves, and building up their capacity because you simply “can`t buy a brain.” 
Life is full of disappointment is a very clever track that captures true emotions of melancholy. The guitar strumming has been captured well and allows the listener to visualise a very thoughtful Hons on the front step of a house, watching the world go by in suburbia. The thought process of moods is captured very well with a very funny twist at the end. No spoilers - check it out!
“I was very upset about what is going to happen to the upcoming Looney Tunes movie 'Coyote VS Acme', which was going to come out, but got pushed back several times and now may be shelved, even though it isn't out yet,” said Cameron.
Music in the traditional Looney Tunes uses classical music to present these disappointed feelings. These emotions work well through instruments and time signatures. The new generation will miss out on this use of music, so Cameron Hons has introduced this use of emotional music to help bring the up-and-coming generation up to speed with this skill.

“We all want to see this movie, yet the big heads are refusing to confirm or deny it's status. There is a huge movement online called #ReleaseCoyoteVsAcme to help raise awareness and (potentially) save the film,” said a very determined Cameron Hons.
An artist back in the late 1980’s started off a song with no music with the phrase, “Do you get the feeling that you`ve done this kind of thing before?” It was not about being thought-provoking, but used a hook to generate thought processing patterns in the listener.  It simply prepared the listener for a narrative of lyrics before the story started.
Hons does this in a very clever way with #ReleaseCoyoteVsAcme: “There`s a movie that I wanna see”. It cuts to the hearts of film producers and distributors who need to adjust their thought-patterning, so that the new Looney Tunes movie can be released. They shouldn`t worry about whether it is duck season or rabbit season, it is movie season - just release it already! 
If Cameron Hons waited for the right time to release his albums, or changed his mind about whether a song should be released, fans could miss out! Music should be out there, not stored on an external-hard-drive because the world’s thought patterns are not aligned with the “Meep Meep” of the Road Runner.
It is only a matter of time before Hons music will be picked up by some of the leading film companies. When Cameron was questioned about whether his music could replace classical cartoon music he said it wouldn`t be the same.
“I think a lot of the classical stuff they used, especially for things like Ren & Stimpy were royalty free or public domain perhaps. For shows like that and  Looney Tunes were iconic and fitted so well. Think of the classic Bugs Bunny episode Rabbit of Seville or the Singing Frog cartoon for example. Pop music can not replicate that,” he said.
Psychedelic Austin Powers would be very excited to hear Nothing in Newtown. If Mike Myers walked through the streets of Newtown, would he be inclined to say “Yeah Baby”, or “Nah baby” ? The irony of marketing means that IF the song has produced a poor reflection on the local area, many people would go to see what the fuss is all about. 
The process of sharing thoughts helps put ideas on the agenda through music. It goes beyond free speech and apathy, and actually does something to get people moving. The lyrics and music were crafted well by Cameron, as it gets rid of stinkin’ thinkin’. Audiences are being entertained and informed at the same time too.
Cameron was asked to comment on why sometimes people don`t think before they act, and he said it comes down to a wrongful display of power and arrogance. “I have had people do this to me sometimes and they don't apologise when they do it, because they knew they were wrong but don't admit it. Also social media plays a bad influence on people's behaviour these days,” said a very observant Cameron Hons.
Cameron is an original artist and creates his own sounds that are never sampled from previous artists. The Hons success story comes down to an original concept that is loved by fans around the world.  Darian in the Dark has a great melody and beat, and is tipped to go viral once the word gets out about the track.
“None of the instruments in Darian in the Dark were sampled. I was aiming for a dark industrial , guitar-less track, similar to something we do on The Midnight Helicopters albums but with more of an edge. I was inspired by the early 2000's band Julien-K for this track,” he said.
The music industry will continue to watch Cameron Hons very closely, as he spends the next two decades launching new albums and tracks via cameronhons.bandcamp.com.
He has planned to continue his work as a solo performer, with no intentions of recruiting composers and lyricists to add to the Hons repertoire.
A good business move, as the planet travels into another decade of original tracks. Get jigging with The Wrong Crowd - you will thank yourself later.

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