Covid fiasco fails to STOP Phuong film

Film producers have been hit hard by Covid-19, but Cameron Hons has used a small team to get the Phuong Phiasco off the ground. While cinemas struggle with a backlog of unreleased movies and checkerboard seating, Cameron’s Playhouse fans are eager to get their copy of the next film. Darren McErlain from Newy 87.8FM Newcastle reviews the next installment from the Hons creative empire.

Cameron Hons Studios associated with Dliner Films Entertainment has released the latest edition with Cameron’s Playhouse 4: The Phuong Phiasco. The true hook at the start of the movie will appeal to all the senses and encourage viewers to simply want more.

The opening scenes with Bushman Jim in the tree sets the scene with an amazing monologue. “But don’t tell anyone I told you mate,” brings a strong connection to the audience in a 3D bush.

There are scenes set in a picnic area that will have your knuckles painted white as you try and cope with the suspense. The sound effects of beating hearts will keep you guessing to the very end.

The film locations have been selected to bring out the best in the script and the actors. The natural soundtrack of Australian magpies brings a special touch to the setting making it the best film in 2020.

A character who has received attention over the years was Fireman Sam who first came about in the Cameron's Playhouse Movie in 2015.

Hons said Fireman Sam and Phuong are based on the real people who play them. 

“It started off as a complete joke because in real life the guy's real name is Sam, and he then unknowingly became the main villain of the film universe,” said Hons.

The film taps into special 1920’s effects and uses careful camera work to bring out the best humour from the performers. The monologue and actors looking down the barrel of the camera brings a close connection with the audience. It also adds to the detective fiction that tries to solve many unknown mysteries. If you see the film yourself, you will be left gobsmacked with wonder!

 In the early days of film distribution by Cameron Hons, many people used to demand more information about his films, and he started personalising the covers.

“I started out making custom drawn art for people and they liked it, and now the Blu-ray’s are being professionally printed by me this time round,” said a very excited Hons.

A very distinct personal process is used to cast the main characters as the people involved in the films were often in previous movies. The casting of the Cameron House Playhouse takes place by recruiting friends who are interested in movie making.

“I contact all of them first (from previous movies) to see if they want to come back to do another one if they like. If I hear back from them and they say yes, they're in. If I don't hear back from them I assume they're not interested. I even accept other friends to be involved in the movies if they show interest,” said Hons.


An Academy Award or a BAFTA should be in order for Cameron’s acting in the hallway and the kitchen scenes. The monologue brings a very powerful component to the film. The attitude of the character is always friendly and tries to secretively do things away from the other characters.

The free promotions of Maggi products means the film should have received numeration for the efforts and promotions by Cameron Hons Studios. Especially when Cameron placed the “sauce or whatever it is” on the 2-minute noodles.

Woolworths should have also endorsed the film with figurines for every $30 spent. The exposure of sparkling water that came into shot in more ways than one should have brought some paid advertising for the generic brand. The coughing-fit experienced in the scene by Cameron can only be linked back to MSG-621 poisoning, adding to the suspense in the film. Whilst MSG is not the same as ‘Agent Orange’, the audience is bound to suspect spies and foul play.

 The COVID culture around the world riddled the planet in 2020 with a cancel culture. The fans were disappointed when news was released that the fourth film being cancelled.

“I did not want to waste our time and hard work, so I decided to keep going again. Plus there were a few months where just nothing was happening at all. When I got the guys to come around and finish off scenes for us I started enjoying the production again so I decided to continue it,” he said.

COVID-19 restrictions made filming very difficult but thankfully parts of the movies were filmed in other states by the people who live there.

“When we started shooting the film back in May 2020, that's just when the first restrictions in NSW were easing and kids getting went back to school. We were able to finally go out and start filming around our suburb without being bothered, and it was a lot easier to manage than before,” he said.

Cameron Hons has been praised for keeping the location safe by keeping the crew numbers downs to four staff, and it allowed them to satisfy the 20 person limit.

Cameron's Playhouse film set was a healthy one, and we didn’t have any outbreaks,” he said.

Hons has confirmed a musical movie like the Beatles and the Monkees could be on the cards in the future, but probably not next year.

“James T Kaiser and I want to do Pirate Party The Band - The Movie one day when restrictions ease further. We hope to incorporate a story with songs from our albums & maybe new ones.  It will be fun when we have a chance to make it,” he said.

The film takes on a documentary angle at times when Cameron does a piece-to-camera and is teleported to different eras of history. There is a classic scene set in the 1960s that is like the Famous Five series meets Wayne’s World and mixed in with some Dr Who


The clues left on skeletal remains brings this film a credible ranking in the history of detective movies. The stick fight with a Michael Hutchence look-a-like called Richard will bring a tear to your eyes. The old expression of “better than a poke in the eye with a stick” makes this film a top grade film in the realm of creativity.

Cameron Hons has appealed to the Ministers for the Arts to fund the arts. “It is not a pointless field and the industry is suffering during these difficult times. It is important to keep things alive like Arts and Entertainment, as it is very important especially for people's health and well being,” he said. 

Cameron’s Playhouse 4: The Phuong Phiasco is riddled with so much fight, fright and flight – the audience could die laughing from fear and faith, all at the same time! When Phuong startles his dog in the pot-noodle garden reaching for a cup, it will give you the ultimate jumpstart. This is not a spoiler but a warning for your hearty, humour radar. Phuong was visibly upset in the film at this point. If this scene caused any distress, you can check on his welfare by sending an email to A very clever piece of art!


Cameron’s Playhouse 4 has a great way of keeping you in suspense. The sound track during the workout scene with Phuong is enough to encourage anyone to get a personal fitness trainer. It was like Superman meets Rocky at Picnic Hanging Rock. The music-box and flutes with reversed sound-effects will place goose-bumps on your goose-bumps! Thank goodness one scene overlays ‘Eye of the Tiger’. A beautiful piece of transitional photography.

 Where would a film be without some special appearances by some big celebrities. Big Man Tyrone adds a special piece of happiness to the film when he appears in uniform. The power the character brings gives the audience the feeling that everything is going to be okay. A live news cross by newsreader David Dropdown added a huge credibility to the film giving the audience the impression that this was not just based on a true story – it was real.


The making of the movie went through a few ups and downs and was withdrawn at one point, which Hons branded as a very stressful.

 “I had to become Phuong's personal trainer for 3 months, joining him in doing workout scenes for some epic transformation montages; doing this for 4 - 5 days a week started to really stress me out and I didn't have time for doing anything else besides working on the film 24/7 without break.”

Cameron released a statement on Facebook on November 6 and said he will take a break next year.

“I've decided to start 2021 with no major projects or commitments. After releasing Cameron's Playhouse 4, I think I've done enough for the year. If I make a new album next year it will only include myself again and no guests. I hope to not do anything too big next year as I'm looking forward to having a break without working on too many time consuming projects, ” he said.

Cameron's Playhouse 4: The Phuong Phiasco is now available on Blu-ray set and DVD. Disc 1 contains the Movie, released on November 5. Disc 2 contains the Soundtrack released earlier October 6. Send Cameron a message on twitter @Cameron13H to grab your copy of the movie.


Cameron Hons deserves to take a bow. Another film is now being enjoyed by thousands, whilst Hollywood movies are still waiting to be played in cinemas. While Hons take a rest from big productions in 2021, his mind will still be ticking over, and thinking of the next chapter in music, movies and magical mayhem. Support Australian music. Support Australian films. Buy Cameron's Playhouse 4: The Phuong Phiasco - immediately.

The Soundtrack is available online. Click on the link and name your price.

Credits: Cameron Hons – Dr Steven Jefferson, Chris Peers –Phuong, Sparky, Mathyno, Fireman Sam, Stefan Goslinga –Busgman Joe, Richard Coorie – Demonic Time Lord, Bernie Sharah – Newspaper man, James T Kaiser – Dead Sauce, Brian Costelloe – God, Big Man Tyrone – President Tyrone, David Dropdown – Himself, Director of Photography & Editor – Cameron Hons. Music by Audio Network.