Ahoy there! Captain Hons & Captain Kaiser sail the seas of pirate music (not pirated music)

It is impossible to have mutiny on the ship with any projects by Cameron Hons, because he always steers a very tight ship when it comes to music. The fifth Pirate Party Album Pirates on the Run will have you scrubbing the decks for more.  A global fan base can now access the empire catalogue on spotify, and iTunes, and you can now climb aboard the choppy seas of pirate ballads. Darren McErlain reviews the latest album released on the 1st of January 2020.

The band formed in July 2019. The band features James T Kaiser on all lead vocals and Cameron Hons on all instruments and some vocals.

Cameron said ‘Pirates On The Run’ is the first album where he didn’t sing any vocals.

“I did a major contribution of the song performances and instrumental work that included the song writing, but James and I often write songs together,” said Cameron.

The album certainly stimulates the imagination. While some tracks are strictly for adults with alternative language, the musical scores lend themselves to the chance of being used in puppet programmes to generate enthusiasm in the audience.

 Pirates on the run is a real fender bender of a song. It would be the perfect soundtrack for the next Muppet movie. If you imagine the Jim Henson's creations breaking out of their traditional roles in the form of anarchy, this track would be ideal. It is only a matter of time before the next season of Crank Yankers make the call to buy a license for the soundtrack. Cameron Hons is good at adding emotions to his characterisations – “Pirates on the run, we are only having FUN!”.

Setting Fail  - If Ralph the dog from the Muppets was a pirate, Cameron’s impression would be selected in the next production. The music matches the melancholic pirate. “And now we are very depressed, because we couldn’t pass that test.” Never before has synthesised music been used to bring out the best in getting that emotion across. A ballad worth eleven stars out of ten! If you find out you missed these lyrics and rhythm, you will end up walking the plank of regret!

BBQ Boat – Don’t miss the good vibrations of this classic. Grease the musical has nothing on this clip, with a ‘feel good’ mood that will have you dancing as you sail the streets of your neighbourhood.  James T Kaiser's yodel laugh will bring a horseplay of comedy to your devices, before you can sing “yo ho ho, and a bottle of fun!”.

 Set my soul on fire will have you relaxing in your jazzy coffee shop. The narration combined with the musical attitude could slot right into a 70’s stage musical. Cameron Hons has a great way of bringing a sailing ship in trouble into the foreground of all global human problems. This classic would bring a nice tone to the end of an evening at a Jazz club in North Sydney.  The ending liberates the dulcet tones of Austin Powers moments away from launching into ‘Year of the Cat’. Great work from the legendary Musical Hons/Kaiser factory.


Cameron Hons
James T Kaiser


Fire Away adds a nice instrumental break to the album. A nice drum beat that is perfect for a pursuit scene by motorcycle friends, or chase scene through an abandoned factory.  The alien sounding synthesiser not only replicates a Nintendo ‘Game and Watch’ from 1982, but immerses the mind into a feeling of defeated, before succumbing to a monster bigger that ten necks of a guitar. A very musical theme that has a big impact on the human psyche! You will be doing more than flying the Jolly Roger flag after this musical journey!


Haunted Ship Blues has a romantic introduction. One can imagine the sea breeze, combined with the green ocean beneath the hull of the boat. If you listen carefully, you will hear some clever instruments intentionally or unintentionally mirroring the sounds of the Gregorian Chant. A soothing piece by Cameron Hons, which is up there as a nice piece for rolling credits or the end of a movie. Before you can whisper “Ahoy there me hearties” the music score closes with a gentle fade to musical black.

If Pirate Life It’s 1999 was on audio cassette, you would rewind the tape and play this again. It has positive energy that puts out the welcome mat for all those lovers of alternate music. If you could strengthen your auditory nerves in a second, this piece will certainly tease your central nervous system. It is like Phantom of the Opera meets the Pet Shop Boys on a 1987 Amiga.  You could imagine Sonic the Hedgehog giving up gaming, just to become a musician. A piece of flavoured music with no added pirate spices! A very sea worthy tale.

 If you don’t buy this Album, you won’t be made to walk the plank, but you will feel left at the wharf with nothing else to listen to. Click on the links, support Australian music and embrace the pirate theme. Turn up the music and shiver your timbers!