Slow world picks up thanks to Pirate Pandemic Album

Musicians around the world have resorted to online shows to satisfy fans during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Many artists like Cameron Hons and Jame T Kaiser are not immuned. They have launched their 6th Pirate Party The Band album, to help entertain fans in isolation. Darren McErlain reviews the global launch of Pirate Pandemic. The tracks are tipped to support countries around the world with a different line of music that will help alleviate loneliness.

If you have ever watched a Berocca fizzle into the water with the hope it will give you back your `bee-bee bounce`, The Introduction of this album will do exactly that! The beat is synthetic yet the submarine beeps will plunge you into an energetic domain of euphoria. A good feeling you need after spending weeks confronted with negative images on the news that are associated with coronavirus. A great launch and a great introduction.
 Makin’ A Splash uses comedy to bring out the high sea travels of any pirate, sailor or fishing trawler. Whether you`re into riddle, rhythm or rhyme, the clever poetic vocals of Cameron Hons literally turns `paper to cash`. The sounds have been recorded clearly for the audience, so authentic, you can hear the plectrum stroking the strings. This strong connection will build a stronger friendSHIP with the world as they sail deeper into isolation.
Comedian David Strassman would be very interested to hear this song Battling The Sea Virus. It sounds like a Tedd E Bare impersonator launching into the vocals of the Battling The Sea Virus. Whether the intention was deliberate or accidental by the band, it is an interesting technique used by the group. It helps the audience make a connection with a voice that is from the past.
The bear voice is familiar territory that deepens the understanding of the whole purpose of the song. The non-stop stories of one topic could be making us all mentally sick. Could it be battling the virus of saturated media coverage of one topic? This band are more than just musically gifted, but are sociologists. They know their demographics and who listens to their music!
Music can sometimes be a letter to the world, but sometimes it can be a letter to someone we know. Kaiser and Hons use the medium to communicate feelings of despair and frustration. Banned Pirates is about being banned from the stream Twitch. By mentioning the band makes a friend `go insane…I think I`ll mention it once again`shows how music can help make the audience feel better or the artist to feel validated. Especially if they feel they have been violated.
COVID-19 restrictions have forced many people to rethink the emotions of being locked out of everything. As more people live their lives online, people can feel psychologically restrained if they are locked out of platforms in cyberspace. A nice piece of art by the pirate musicians.
Not being able to sit in your favourite coffee shop and listen to jazz during the coronavirus restrictions has many people feeling enclosed. The track I Caught A Black Bass has a very clever bass improvisation that speaks to the drummer. You can hear the musicians communicating those feelings and musical patterns, but it sets the pace for how the world has turned to music to beat that isolation.
Only the Pirate Party The Band has the ability to do this successfully on all their albums. If you are looking for track to guide you down the motorway (once the lockdown is complete), pop this hit on loop, and leave the shuffle for a little while. Spotify could never put you in this trance. Radio could never relax you this much. Podcasts may just annoy you.
If you are after a song that will give you goosebumps put your name down for Sailing Out Of Ideas. The introduction is like Tommy Emmanuel meets Chromeo. The slapping base creates a rhythmic style that is very typical of this Pirate band. It soothes the soul, it triggers the mind, it massages the deep consciousness. It is a very clever piece of music.
The golden tonsils of James T Kaiser as the lead pirate on vocals, and Cameron Hons on all Instruments and guest vocals on tracks 2, 5, 8, 9, and 11 deserve an ARIA. Pirate Pandemic will take the world on a completely different path of escapism. You are only walking the plank, if you don`t listen to it!
One thing society needs to be aware of is the importance of buying music online to preserve the music industry. Artist profits have been reduced over decades due to illegal copies being made and shared with others. Fees have been reduced to zero, forcing many bands to tour back the pubs that gave them a start in the first place.
COVID-19 has now removed this as an option for musicians to make any money. If we force musicians to earn in a different industry, music will take rest. A rest we should not be prepared to take. Buy plenty of albums and keep the hits on the airwaves. Buy Pirate Pandemic – today.
 PIRATE PARTY THE BAND’s latest album Pirate Pandemic is available NOW on digital and CD. Hear it on on Bandcamp or get your copy on CD today! Featuring 12 brand new tracks featuring the line up of James T Kaiser on Vocals and Cameron Hons on All Instruments & vocals. Click on the link below....