Turn off the world, turn on the music! 

Music lovers around the world are keen to keep the music playing, when it comes to the musical art composed by Cameron Hons. ‘Turn Off the World’ brings a new chapter and a new sound to the Hons arena of music with the release of the new album, just before Christmas 2018. Darren McErlain sampled the lyrics and music from a rock and roll legend.

Digital Albums are sometimes produced by the musician, with a creative licence to produce the music the way it was intended. Many tracks on the new compilation by musician and filmmaker Cameron Hons have a breathtaking sound that brings character to various pieces of music.


The song ‘Nobody is safe’ instrumental paves the way for a suspense scene in the latest Hollywood blockbuster. A crisp sounding drumbeat and the squelching frets on the neck of a hot guitar, is enough to make Mark Knopfler and Eric Clapton green with envy. The inspiration by the artist entices the average listener into a realm of deep motivation. Once you have heard it, where will you go next?


Cameron has produced more that 90 digital albums, and this can bring a challenge for any musical artist – how can they sound different to each other? Cameron said he likes to work on the tracks to make them sound different.


“I listen to my music a lot and if I come up with new music it’s pretty easy to make the songs sound different, although some songs I've made sound similar than one or two tracks I have done before; musically in the past that's happened with other bands before,” he said.


The hit ‘Turn off the world’ track brings goose bumps to the listener. If Def Leopard could create a joint track with Iron Maiden, this song would be the combination of the two. A rich sound of chaos and drama designed to tell a suspenseful story for those who follow an action packed detective piece of fiction.


Cameron Hons reflected on his previous chaotic experiences in bands and spoke about how egos can get in the way. “We had about 30 track for an album, and were about to release it but they (the other band members) said don’t release any of this, let's re-record it all over again because it sounds terrible," he said. Cameron was told not to release the album, and so he did anyway. “Sometimes people forget that music is also about the fun! “


‘Since Spacies’ Theme vocals has an interpersonal tone that makes a connection with the audience. Using an 80’s flavour of lead and rhythm guitar work, Cameron Hons shows off some fancy finger work that would have place him in the running to be recruited for the Triple M commercial in the mid80’s. Sadly, the radio industry has suffered from spotify and online streaming, but retro lovers often indulge in the odd audiotape or record from time-to-time.


The industry switch to digital albums has brought some mixed emotions for Cameron. “I want to see more physical CDs instead of vinyl because people are only re-releasing vinyl for commercial gain. CDs were invented in the 80s and I still love the format. Vinyl is currently dominating at the moment but they're just too expensive. It feels like a cash grab to me,” he said.


The song ‘Illuminated Road’ taps into some trance and dance features that are perfect for a backing track for a dangerous scene in the 70s Cop show CHiPs. After listening to the first minute of the song, the mind starts to reassess the options of becoming part of a pursuit scene. A person’s adrenaline may pump faster by the end of the song, making the audience feel they are more of the authority figure in control, and not the ‘baddy’ being chased….for now.


Cameron suffered some personal setbacks during the making of the Album, and dealing with his own ‘baddies’. From pay disputes, technological problems and the emotional roller coaster to being in demand by other people. “I just wanted to have a rest from doing things for people. Sometimes being popular isn't fun!”


Cameron has a goal to one day be the support act for his friend Tom from the band Gypsy/Utopia Records. “I joked to him that why not let's do a show where I open up and play for an hour and a half and they play for 40 minutes. Sadly he didn't enjoy that idea, ” Hons joked.


The future does look very bright for Cameron and his music with unconfirmed reports a new band is in the pipeline. “We may do a few pop up shows in random pubs in 2019,” he said.


Recordings have been made and he said he would be fine with a live performance. “I would like to see if I have friends or people I know who want to help me out because I have to have a backing band, people suggest I should play live with backing tracks but I hate that,” he said.


This Album ‘Turn off the world’ is the best artwork ever to be released by the Hons empire of music. The introductions are powerful and absorb the listener into “what now?” or “not now!”. As the behind-the-scenes discussion of live shows on stage emerge, club patrons will be able to sample the talent of Cameron Hons in person- a Master of his musical domain!


Purchase the new digital album ‘Turn off the world’ and other compilations from the website: cameronhons.bandcamp.com for $15.