Capeless musician fights world imperfection

Musicians don`t wear capes, but they are our superheroes. Mild mannered reporter Darren McErlain from Newy 87.8FM Newcastle reviews the next album Nobody`s Perfect launched by the talented, modest and super- musician Cameron Hons. He has changed the world for many.

Saving people from boredom, rescuing citizens from sadness and lending a hand to people who don`t have the ability to sing or play music; These acts are performed by our unsung musician heroes who do more to help others, than what we realise.
Cameron Hons is one of those superheroes who deserves credit for entertaining millions around the world, yet you won`t find him wearing a cape. He is too modest and busy to worry about looking for praise.
 `Nobody`s Perfect` sets the pace with the lyrics `I`m not doing anything wrong`. Many world disputes have started and ended with war, and quite often they start with a simple disagreement. The superpower of acknowledging people being only human is transmitted in this song, and makes bullies realise that dreams can be shattered by others.
 This is a song about imperfection, and it settles the score for haters and fighters. Cameron Hons hits back at critics through song, leaving them humming his song in their dreams. Only caped crusaders in the comic books could espouse a superpower like this, and Cameron Hons has saved the day!
 People who play instruments and write lyrics are said to have a superpower and are like superheroes. Hons makes people laugh and they enjoy what they hear.
 “I think that helps provide a lot of good around and I think when musicians use their music for evil is whenever Justin Bieber makes new albums, ” laughed Cameron.
 `Green onions` could be the next theme song for an episode of Green Hornet! Only the instrumental at the start could rid a room of negativity. If some of Australia`s current affairs shows played this, as camera crews chased people in or out of a building, the world could be a better place. Shifty people could take responsibility for their actions, and listen to the trickle on the frets for a few minutes to help improve their ways. Music must have a purpose, and this song sets the groundwork for your average crazy neighbour or power hungry world leader. If they are not crying from the green onions, they may be green with envy!
 `Why bother stopping` fights against the evil kryptonite of the world, and rids the earth of the tall poppy syndrome. The guitar solo has a magical force that entertains the masses and makes people realise the importance of praising those who do great things in the world. The rhythm is very addictive and you will find yourself singing `why bother stopping` for the rest of the day.
When Cameron Hons finished High school he had many musical goals as a musician and chipped away at producing music for fun. Inspiring many school leavers over the years, Hons has used his albums to save many teenagers from a pathway of the unknown.
“I thought about turning professional with music but decided to keep on being an independent musician and producer because it's more fun, and I have more control over the stuff I record and make, ” he said.
`School bell` starts off with a 90s sitcom theme sound before it launches into a musical alert of bat-phone proportions. When Cameron sings about not letting a punk kid ruin his day, you know that this song is designed to fight off bullies, and bring back law and order at the local and global level. Superheroes save people from being hurt and this song helps many come to the realise, that everyone is equal and should be fairly treated.
Over the years, many top pop groups get together for charity. The song `Do they know it`s Christmas` did exactly that, and Cameron agreed independent artists should come together to do the same.
“I am sure that this is happening already with independent artists, and if it isn't why not? Maybe the funds could go to the local community, a charity or animal shelter, ” he said.
Creating an album to sell songs just for charity has brought politics and heartache to our musical heroes, but Cameron said that a solution to this would be to give artists more control over their tracks, rather than rely on an automated content ID system.
“Recently many artists have been leaving distribution services such as Spotify due to protesting against Joe Rogan's podcast which spreads misinformation about COVID19 and vaccinations. I'm also one of the artists that has joined people like Neil Young,  and left the streaming services in protest to fight against misinformation, ” he said.
Cameron believes the digital corporations should be focusing more on the musicians support, not damaging business brands and pay them higher royalties too. 
Many artists inspire each other and there have been times when we have been tapping away at the steering wheel and realised the resemblance and similar sounds were uncanny.
`Nasty Reputation` touches on the superpower of acceptance. Cameron sings about enjoying his day when a person stares, doesn`t talk and spreads rumours. No X-ray vision was employed to fight back against evil, but the superpower of music was utilised to rise above another person`s imperfection. The song is a lesson learnt, and a track well burnt. No capes were needed to fight evil, but the planet spins on its axis, orbits the sun and it is business as unusual. Yet another superpower is extracted leaving another to bite the supernova dust!
Cameron Hons said there is one of his musical heroes who sounded like him called Ray Stevens, despite the difference in age and American accent.
“We make songs of similar comedic and novelty nature, but I'm more rock and metal oriented based, while he is more country; but Ray's music reminds me a lot of my earlier stuff. I used to always make songs that were based off me telling stories, which is a lot of what Ray Stevens' songs are like as they're also funny, ” he said.
Cameron said he also takes a lot of inspiration from Mojo Nixon too, who's psycho-billly rock 'n roll type music helped him change his modern material into more heavier and chaotic stuff. 
Recently Cameron made his very first "Greatest Hits" CD, that spanned the best songs over the past 18 years. Next up is his 20th Anniversary as a musician & recording artist in 2024, and Cameron Hons plans to make another big compilation CD and rare material. 
Musicians don`t fight crime in Gotham city, nor do they report for the Daily Planet as mild mannered reporters. They make music. This is a skill that is not learnt at an academy or handed down in the form of a diploma. It is a talent, it is a gift, it is a superpower.

Check out the latest album Nobody`s Perfect by Cameron Hons and purchase a copy by clicking on the button below. You won`t be disappointed!